Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

Finally we've finished our vestibule. We worked all very hard. Me, my husband and my father-in-law are very lucky with the results :) The wardrobe is made by ourselves!!!

Have a happy Wednesday.


Evangelina Prieto hat gesagt…

How beautiful; so nostalgic and delicated.
Congratulations and good job.

Rosine hat gesagt…

Dear Sonata, your cloakroom are really great. Finally, one knows where with the shoes and they do not stand any more beside the door. The wallpaper is very pretty. Thank you for your dear words. Have a nice time and see you soon

Amy Perrotti hat gesagt…

Oh, that turned out really nicely. Congratulations! I know you must be glad to have it done. :)

Bella Sinclair hat gesagt…

Wow! That is one beautiful vestibule! The wardrobe is fantastic and completely makes it both functional AND welcoming! Congratulations.

Paola hat gesagt…

What a lovely nook you have created!
It's so functional and beautiful.